PupSite Design: Website Design for Breeders

Website design by a breeder, for breeders!

Dog looking at website design for breedersA great website design for breeders inspires confidence in your buyers; it lets them know you are transparent with your information and that you care about sharing it with them.  A poorly designed website will do the opposite: buyers will turn away, feeling “backyard breeder” or a breeder who doesn’t care enough to present his/her dogs well and share information. With so many sub-par “breeders” out there, inspiring confidence in your potential buyers is SO important.  You have a quality breeding program and you raise your dogs well; potential buyers need to be able to see that in your website design.

With places like Facebook no longer allowing any advertising for puppy sales, and online listing sites getting more and more BYB and mill ads, it’s becoming increasingly important for you to have a really quality website that is reflective of your high standards as a breeder, explains your program, introduces your dogs, and shows your available pups.  Who better to help you with that than a fellow breeder who completely gets what you need in your website design? As a breeder myself, I’m super familiar and comfortable with what you need in your website to not only attract great homes for your pups but also to answer those potential owners’ questions and ease their worries, too.

Have a look through the site, check out some of the other PupSites in my Portfolio (including my own breeding site found here), then contact me so we can chat about what you’d like to do!